erica trombetti

erica trombetti

The Creative Guru for Infinite Events

Erica is the owner and lead event specialist of Infinite Events, a creative event planning business that has its roots in New England. Inspired by the beauty in life around her, Erica takes that creative vision into the events she plans. This has earned her recognition in publications, photo shoots, and speaking engagements. To stay inspired and on top of her craft, Erica attends yearly conferences on event planning, making sure her clients get the most from her knowledge.

After more than a decade of event planning - and networking with vendors and venues in that time - Erica has built a solid foundation for Infinite Events. From the baby shower to the annual corporate party, Erica’s creativity soars.

Celebrating Those Moments
Erica often is asked why she chose event planning as her path, and often, her response is that of celebrating others. She recognizes that life’s milestones should be acknowledged and enjoyed, and so she helps bring that to fruition. In focusing on the heart of the event, Erica challenges convention and takes creative chances that make for bolder presentations and unforgettable events. This means Erica doesn’t throw just a party, but instead she creates moments and memories that the mind takes pleasure in remembering.

In approaching every task, Erica is a friend first and a planner second. This translates to events planned with heart, dedication, and passion for whatever you’re celebrating. Let Erica and Infinite Events make your event stand the test of time. Let her planning make your event the one people keep talking about for years to come.

Take a peek at Erica's behind-the-scenes video below!



Lead Planner and Coordinator

Did you ever have that friend growing up that always wanted to play weddings and watch “27 Dresses” at every sleepover? That was me. I have been fascinated with all things wedding for as long as I can remember. From the glitz and glamour, to the love shared by the couple in the endless wedding videos I watch on YouTube, it is amazing how much can be captured in just one day. I’m still dreaming about my perfect day, but in the meantime, I have the privilege of making someone else’s dreams come true.

I love nothing more than the look on the couple’s face at the end of the night, right after the last dance, when they finally take a breath and look at the love surrounding them. That exact moment makes this job so rewarding. When all the jitters and anxieties have dissipated and they’re officially married, and I know I played a part in their forever.

In my time in the industry thus far, I’ve realized that no detail is too minor, no idea is stupid, and no worry is not worth considering. From the engagement to the honeymoon, my background in marketing and management provides me with an eye for even the smallest of details and the importance of logistics. I am constantly keeping up to date with trends and educating myself on what’s new and noteworthy to provide my clients with an unforgettable experience, unlike anything they’ve seen before.

I look forward to making your moment magical, just like we dreamed about as kids.